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17th December 2010 snow day work

Mrs MacKenzie and Ms Steel’s Highers

Could you make sure you have finished any outstanding questions on sports and have written up the verb devoir in French and English..merci!

Advanced Highers

Log in to – if you can’t remember the password you’ll need to log in out of school hours I’m afraid.

Go to year 13/ la pollution and do all the vocab exercises under “Les differentes sources de l’energie” – note any new vocab.  (20 minutes)  Then go to the “energie des vagues” videos and do the exercise.  Apart from being “une energie renouvelable”, what is the advantage highlighted in the video?  Write a couple of sentences outlining what wave energy is and the advantages.  (30 minutes)

Chloe – Make sure you are ready to do your writing NAB next week during any double block that suits – you can do it at the back of class, say Monday?  This must be done before the end of term.

… et bon week-end!

AHTranscript of Video Humoristique

Check your transcript and then write a report of a similar oil spill – using the perfect tense and related vocab – (50 – 100 words)  Hand in this and last Wednesday’s work by Wednesday 1st December

La marée noire qui frappe le sud des Etats-Unis est encore plus grave que prévue.  Tous les jours, ou presque, les quantités de pétrole rejetées dans les eaux du  golfe du Mexique sont revues à la hausse.  C’est-à-dire que ceux qui sont chargés de mesurer l’ampleur de la fuite,  se rendent compte qu’elle est beaucoup plus grosse que ce qu’ils avaient prévu.  Des dizaines de millions de litres de carburant se sont déjà échappés des entrailles de l’océan.  L’entreprise BP n’arrive toujours pas à contrôler son puits, endommagé par l’explosion d’une plat-forme pétrolière dans le sud des Etats-Unis, c’était il y a deux mois, un jour pour jour.  De nombreux pêcheurs ne peuvent plus travailler et, à New York, donc loin des plages de Floride et de Louisianne souillées par  la nappe de pétrole, les vendeurs de fruits de mer commencent à perdre de l’argent.  Les clients ont peur de manger des huitres et des crevettes pollués par le pétrole.  La colère est forte dans tout le pays, mais certaines personnes parviennent à rire de la pire catastrophe écologique de l’histoire des Etats-Unis…


La pollution

Le Mensuel on BBC has several report on nuclear pollution. Do the exercises or practise repeating the French.

Articles on conservation

La pollution on


L’energie et les transports

Les Medias

BBC Le Mensuel has reports with audio, tapescript, mots-cles and grammar focus.  Do the following exercises and focus on the suggested activity.

Les Medias


Do the drop down exercise.   Visit one of the newspaper websites featured at the top and make a note ot the feature story.


Vocab  practice.


Grammar focus – regular and irregular past participles as a gap fill.  While reading and listening, stop the track every few words and repeat them – if you are in doubt, listen to the phrase again and repeat it until you are satisfied.


Listen and repeat.  Translate the phrases highlighted in blue.  Ther is another passive tense example in the last paragraph – find it and translate it.

Make a note of new vocab from Mots-Cles and learn it.  While reading and listening, stop the track every few words and repeat them – if you are in doubt, listen to the phrase again and repeat it until you are satisfied.

Log in and click on year 13.  Unit 2 gives a lot of practice on Les Medias – just keep working your way through the listening files

24th and 25th August 2010 Incendie au lycee!

Please spend at least 1 – 2 hours on the following work

I Reading

 Click on the link for linguascope – it’s on the right – and log in culloden/oscar.  Go to beginner – examens A Level – cybervoisins.  Spend about 20 minutes answering the following

  1. How have the residents improved life in the apartment block? (1)
  2. How is this form of communication less intrusive? (2)
  3. How do the children contribute? (1)
  4. Find the French for: “Our network allows relationships to be enhanced and friendships developed”
  5. Did they know each other before? (1)
  6. How has the network helped another member? (2)
  7. What plans do the residents have? (3)


Avoir failli + inf              to have almost/ to very nearly

Eg j’ai failli réussir          I have almost/very nearly succeeded


8 The neighbours have almost encouraged other apartment blocks to engage in the network

II  Read the next chapter of Le Silence de la Mer and answer the relevant questions to hand in – remember to answer in French!  If you have time, have a look at the first link on the right under AH Le Silence de la Mer.  There’s some excellent background information.

III Remember to hand in the 2009 essay on Internet (available from the past paper SQA website if you have misplaced it).  You should make it 250 – 300 words long and remember to structure it as pros/cons/your opinion and summary

A jeudi!

AHigher Holiday Work to start on Wed 30th June

This Wednesday, take the time to familiarise yourselves with the Scholar website and work on the activites below.

Try the 2009 Reading and Translation and the 2009 Listening papers – don’t attempt the essays yet! You can access them on the following link and hand them in first week back in August

You should have finished questions 1 – 15 of the Silence de l a Mer to hand in.

Les Medias – self correction from internet/ back of book

Scholar I you can do these online or from the booki

Les Medias niveau 1

Be prepared to do a discussion : p107 discussion en classe for the first week back

Les Medias niveau 2

Be prepared to do a vocab test from:

p107 discussion en classe

p96 list a/b and Banque de Mots

p95 vocablaire

p94 banque de mots

 include the Internet sheet I gave you

The listening materials are slow to load – or don’t load at all – so try them, but do the other activities.

Wednesday 16th June 10

Pick up  the vocab sheet from the tray, learn it and answer the questions and activities from the following links:

Internet a 20 ans

Aujourd’hui c’est la journee de la securite

Le Pape Benoit

Write as a dicatation from “Au Vatican ….” to par “comportement des jeunes” and if you have time translate it.